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The Story Engine Podcast: Where we teach you how to make marketing easier, more powerful and fun through storytelling. Each week we learn from top entrepreneurs, influencers and world-changers on how to share your story through content, copywriting, speaking and how to make your story your most powerful marketing tool.

Feb 13, 2024

Today on the show we have Laura Di Franco. Laura is the founder of Brave Healer Productions, which is a publishing company that supports health and wellness leaders in getting their message out and creates an absolutely healing journey and transformational experience for the experts themselves through clarifying their message and publishing a book.

Today we are going to work with Laura on her story to reach more health experts. I am very excited to share this episode with you because it showcases the new format of The Story Engine podcast. You will recognize many of the great questions, conversations, and curiosity but you will also see that we are co-creating a powerful story together. 

In This Episode:

  • Your ideal client is just you five or ten years ago before you knew what you know today and are doing what you are doing today. 

  • When you decide to open a business you are on a self-development journey as a healer. 

  • Your message matters because what if the thing that you’re still a little afraid to share is exactly what that person is waiting to hear to change their life? It is time to be brave and share what you have.  

  • And so much more!!!


Connect with Laura Di Franco: