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The Story Engine Podcast: Where we teach you how to make marketing easier, more powerful and fun through storytelling. Each week we learn from top entrepreneurs, influencers and world-changers on how to share your story through content, copywriting, speaking and how to make your story your most powerful marketing tool.

May 26, 2020

On today’s episode, I am talking with Laura Gale.  She is a master copywriter, author, and content creator.  We explore language and storytelling in many different areas.  We talk about what it means to be prolific and practical steps to take to be more prolific. Laura shares so much amazing information for creating your own powerful piece of work including some important questions to ask as you are writing.   


Laura helps entrepreneurs and leaders to write books that grow their businesses. Writing a book about your business sets you apart from your competition, establishes you as a leader in your field, and opens up new streams of revenue and opportunity that can help your business grow exponentially. Her career started in the traditional publishing world, and she now offers a boutique service that specializes in writing, publishing and marketing powerful, profitable books that transform my clients’ businesses. She handles the whole process, taking the words, experience and ideas in your head and translating them into a compelling story that shows your readers why you’re the best in the business.