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The Story Engine Podcast: Where we teach you how to make marketing easier, more powerful and fun through storytelling. Each week we learn from top entrepreneurs, influencers and world-changers on how to share your story through content, copywriting, speaking and how to make your story your most powerful marketing tool.

Jul 11, 2023

Today on the show we have Miro Heyink. Miro is an expert in creating moments of deep transformation and deep decisions that change the course of your life. He provides that in clarity and one on one sessions with entrepreneurs and he provides that as a philanthropy to many youths growing up around the world and in the United States who need an extra hand.

We are going to talk to him today about how to create moments like that. If you love creating and hosting events we are going to talk about how to bake that kind of impact and effects into your events and retreats. This is going to be a really great episode for anybody who is running retreats, interested in retreats, or wants to put on an event. 

In This Episode:

  • In life, we have these moments where we get to listen to this inner whisper. When we listen to this inner whisper we can actually have this elevator moment right now.  

  • Stretching your trust, interrupting your patterns, and being surrounded by people that care about you and what to see you win is key. 

  • Make a commitment to find your superpower, go all the way, and never stop.

Connect with Miro Heyink: