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Nov 9, 2021

Not long ago, I was in a tight spot with money. This happens from time to time as an entrepreneur and almost anyone for that matter. For me, when I get into this kind of anxiety that somehow I am going to ignite in flames, I have ruined my life, or soon everyone is going to discover I am a fraud and in a few short weeks, I will find myself living in a van down by the river. There is this overwhelming sense of perfectionism that I experience in this. That I must be doing better than I am currently. That because I am experiencing these challenges something is wrong with me. Which is compounding the intensity, anxiety, and the problem itself.  

When I was sharing this with a friend she recommended a book, Adult Children of Alcoholics Fellowship Text.  The book opens with the Laundry List. After reading the Laundry List I realized that the anxiety and pain I had been feeling was not my own. The pattern and voice in my head that was telling me I was a failure was not my own reality, but a story I was telling and a pattern I had learned.  Recognizing this for the first time helped me understand the meaning of the words generational trauma. 

Show Notes: 

  • The book, Adult Children of Alcoholics Fellowship Text asserts that as we grow up there are certain behaviors or patterns that develop to adapt to a dysfunctional environment. 
  • Our generation has a unique opportunity.  Many of us are waking up to these patterns in our lives, doing what we can to take ownership of them, and healing the mental and emotional wounds passed down through generations to us, and breaking these patterns.
  • While the challenges and problems we face in the world may seem insurmountable, we have the capacity within us to solve all these challenges we are facing as a society, species, and planet. By recognizing these patterns in ourselves and doing the work that we can change them and create and empower ourselves and those that come alongside us and after us. 
  • And so much more!!!