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The Story Engine Podcast: Where we teach you how to make marketing easier, more powerful and fun through storytelling. Each week we learn from top entrepreneurs, influencers and world-changers on how to share your story through content, copywriting, speaking and how to make your story your most powerful marketing tool.

Nov 21, 2023

Today on the show coming up I have a really exciting offer to share with you. Since this is The Story Engine, I want to share a story about one of my origins as an entrepreneur nearly ten years ago, my first opportunity to engage with entrepreneurship, The Foundry.  In this episode, I share the key components and the huge impact a mastermind can make in your life and your business. 

In This Episode:

  • The measure of your integrity is your ability to do what you say you will do. 

  • Learning from peers is faster than learning from gurus. 

  • There is a certain magic to learning and growing alongside others.

  • And so much more!!!